Convention 2022 registration

Many convention participants ask the question “Why should I register for the convention? What do they do with the money? The money collected from registration is how we pay for the hotel and convention facilities used during the convention weekend, as well as all the associated service expenses, i.e.: hospitality room, meeting rooms, entertainment, coffee, graphics, and guest speaker travel. It takes many resources to make this event possible. Wont you please do your part and pre-register?


You can click the “Add to Cart” button more than one time. Allowing you to purchase more than one registration or other item.
All items will be in your registration bag when you arrive at the convention. (Nothing will be mailed to you.)
Make sure you add each item you would like to purchase.
After you click the add button it will bring you to a shopping cart and you can click continue shopping to add more than one item. You can do this to add more than one of each item as well.
If you have problems please send an email to:

If you have already registered for the convention, you must send in the pre-registration flyer be mail,  instead of ordering online, here!

Download: Pre-Registration Flyer 2022

Thank you,
MARCNA Registration Chair



Available until February 28, 2022



Please enter full name and clean date, then click “Add To Cart.”

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Newcomer Donation Optional Donation to support Newcomers


Food $40.00
Saturday Banquet & Sunday Breakfast

Entertainment $10.00

Pre-registration Merchandise Available until February 22, 2022, only!
Pre-registration Mug $10.00

Pre-registration commemorative T-shirt (Men’s shirt size) $25.00

Men’s Size: